February: Insurance Careers Month


February is officially Insurance Careers Month. The industry is banking on its young professionals to expose the benefits of a career in insurance to their peers. Efforts on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and financial blogs are spreading the message that the field is wide open to those interested. However, some are experiencing objections that are to be expected for a field that is not necessarily considered glamorous. Most of these come from a place of misinformation about the industry. We implore you make it a goal to educate and inform through channels that will attract millennials into the insurance workforce.
  • Use the hashtag #InsuranceCareersMonth when discussing your career highs on Twitter
  • Reach out via LinkedIn and Facebook to young talent
  • Budget to register a booth at a career fair at your local college campus to network with students preparing for the workforce
How are you putting in an effort to recruit young talent into the industry this month?