Get Your Headset in the Game


GoToMeeting, WebEx, Join.Me, and a wealth of other online remote meeting platforms are available to anyone with an internet connection and webcam. Bonus points if you have a headset. These tools can be valuable to financial advisors when it comes to meeting with prospects. No doubt the best interactions happen in person, but sometimes there's a need for improvisation. Why should advisors be adding these tools to their practice? 1.) Less time/money spent on travel - Instead of driving (or even flying) from meeting place to meeting place, these remote meeting platform tools let you contact prospects from the comfort of your office or home office. You can set more appointments in a day because you don't have to factor in travel time. 2.) Cast a wider net - Where a face-to-face meeting might be hard, or impossible, these online tools make it easy to meet with colleagues and prospects in various regions. Typical obstacles like out of town conflicts and inclement weather can easily be conquered with a remote meeting. 3.) Good first impression - Despite these advantages and its popularity in other industries, not a lot of financial advisors are taking advantage of these tools. Using technology in your practice could give you a leg-up on the competition. When a prospect sees that you are an early adopter of technology, it helps validate you as a resource whose knowledge and advice is up-to-date. It may be subtle, but it can be effective to a prospect in the decision-making process (especially those pesky millennials).