High Deductibles to Pay Keep The Patients Away


According to a recent study, employees with high deductible health insurance coverage go to the doctor less often compared to employees with low deductible health insurance. This finding is troubling to us. We beleive that people should not feel discouraged from seeking medical care due to the imminent out-of-pocket costs. This can cause people to delay diagnosis and treatment to a point where their illness is so severe, their treatment and time away from work become more costly than the early visit to the doctor would've been. But, how can you as an agent make people with high deductibles feel more comfortable with seeking medical care? We suggest The Outlook Gap Plan to solve that issue. The Outloook Gap Plan is an affordable supplemental healthcare plan that can help cover some of those out-of-pocket expenses. It also gives members access to free and unlimited Teladoc services, so they can video chat with a board certified doctor about their ailment before visiting a doctor's office or medical facility. Plus, members of this plan receive discounts on medical services such as prescriptions, MRI's, x-ray's, and more.