I Just Haven't Gotten Around To It...


According to studies, 30% haven’t purchased life insurance or more of it because they, “haven’t gotten around to it." This statistic is alarming. How can someone who knows what life insurance is not get around to taking out a policy or broadening the scale and scope of an existing policy’s coverage? We don’t mean to sound crass here, but life insurance isn’t something you can just put off. Well, technically, you can. But if you do, you could fall ill or have an accident between now and the arrival of the “right time” to buy life insurance, at which point, it would be too late to do so.
Imagine you’re an adult with dependents. You don’t have life insurance. Someone asks you why you don’t have life insurance. You answer by telling that person you just haven’t gotten around to it. What should you do? Put “take out a life insurance policy” on your to-do list, and make it a high priority.
Even if you have a seemingly valid reason for not having adequate life insurance, such as not having enough money to pay a life insurance premium, you should think critically about that reasoning. In this instance, for example, a savvy individual would try to rearrange his or her budget so that he or she can afford life insurance. It’s that important. But “not getting around to it?” That’s not a valid reason.
We truly believe in educating clients so they can make an informed decision. Take the time you meet with clients to educate them on their many options. This helps alleviate any confusion or hesitation they may have about purchasing a life insurance policy. And, while you’re at it, why not show them the term product options that are available to them like Speed of Life Term or Safe Harbor Term.