Move Over Obamacare!


It has recently been projected that Obamacare premium rates will increase by up to 22% for a large amount of citizens in the United States. People who make more than $47,520 a year will not qualify for subsidies, meaning they will bear the brunt of the blow of premium hikes. That could lead up to 9 million people in America paying full price for coverage. Pair that with healthcare plans that American workers can only afford if they choose the high-deductible option and you have a recipe for financial disaster. There has got to be a better way to get people covered, right? There is. The Outlook Gap Plan fills the gaps left behind by traditional healthcare coverage. It makes the high-deductible choice a no brainer. For an affordable monthly fee, clients can get extra coverage that would help them pay their high-deductible instead of paying it all out of pocket. It covers your clients, plus gives you a level income stream. Learn more at