Those Who "Can't Afford" Are The Ones Who "Can't Afford Not To"


Some families believe they can't afford life insurance. The truth is, these are the same families that can't afford not to have life insurance. A loss of a loved one could financially ruin them. We came across an article on Insurance News Net that really drove this point home. A lot of time and effort is put forth by these families to fundraise money in order to bury their loved one. But, if they had a financial advisor in their life, they would know that a simple change in their lifestyle would free up their budget for a life insurance benefit that would pay for burial expenses and then some. That's where you come in...When potential clients show concern about being able to afford life insurance, let them know that small changes make an impact on their budget. For example, the amount of money they spend on buying coffee at a coffee shop per month could be reallocated to a monthly premium payment instead. We hear there is a lot of great home brew coffee methods out there these days.