Who we are


Launch Financial is a product development and marketing organization that facilitates national product distribution. Our clients are insurers, brokerage general agencies, and organizations with large memberships (Affinity Institutions) across the United States, in all 50 territories. Our goal is to remove the roadblocks encountered in product development and deployment. What is the value of your service? When you decide your portfolio needs a new, fresh, innovative product that will turn heads and capture the attention of the industry while building profitable and sustainable growth, we’re here for you. Need to break into the middle market? Want to open up the affluent market? Whatever your direction is this coming year we can help. That means no more costly consultants, no more fear of the unknown. Through our network of teams that specialize in design, implementation, and distribution, we will guide you through every aspect of the process to bring a new product to the market. We have charted these waters for you, so enjoy the ride! Why choose us?
  • One of a kind creative and innovative insurance product idea.
  • Full service production suite – from design to finished product.
  • Guaranteed distribution.