3 Benefits of Term Life Insurance


Term Life Insurance is one of the many insurance options out there today. Here are a few benefits of going with Term Life Insurance.

1.) Flexible - Term life insurance allows people to choose from a 10, 20, or 30 year policy that covers them for that period of time. Term is a great option for people going through siginificant financial life changes. For example, a couple buying their first home or parents who need coverage while they're paying for their child to go to college.

2.) Affordable  Since they are being covered for a shorter amount of time, people with term life policies pay less per month compared to people with whole life policies.

3.) Fast - At Launch Financial, we develop of variety of exclusive insurance products to help you get the upper edge of the industry. One common trend we found was that people looking to purchase term life insurance wanted the process to be done quickly. They simply didn't have time for an underwriting process that took weeks to complete. So, we developed Speed of Life Term. By utilizing the latest data and technology available in the marketplace today, Speed of Life Term can give agents and financial advisors decisions within 24 hours. Not only is this product fast, it's convenient. Clients can purchase using a credit or debit card and have the option to schedule their own paramedical exam so it fits in their schedule.