Who Should Consider Single Premium Whole Life Insurance?


Estate planning is an important step to take when preparing for the future. Making sure their belongings, property, and wealth are handled according to their wishes after they die can create a sense of relief for most people. The Estate Enhancer Single Premium Whole Life is an option for these people. The Estate Enhancerâ„¢ is a single-premium, interest sensitive whole life product designed specifically for the senior market. The policy is guaranteed to remain in force to the maturity date (age 121). The product includes guaranteed cash values, which equal traditional single premium whole life cash values. Cash surrender values may exceed these guarantees as the Account Value earns interest at current rates.

But who should consider Single Premium Whole Life Insurance?

This option is wonderful for anyone who wants to leave a large sum to their heirs. For example, if you have the funds, you can set up the policy to make sure a special-needs grandchild will have income for life.

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