How to Tackle Your Finances in a Day


Have you found yourself with a whole day’s worth of free-time on your hands? Sometimes that’s an invitation to binge watch the latest season of your favorite show on Netflix. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to take a look at your financial to-do list…while that show plays in the background. Here are ways you can tackle your finances in a day.   Let’s start with some simple ones. First, take a look at your credit score if you haven’t done so recently. This will help you gauge to see if lenders will want to work with you and what interest rate you’d be placed at. Also, review your current subscriptions (including that Netflix account) to see if there are any services you’ve been paying for that you don’t use or need anymore. If you see any you no longer use or want, cancel them so you aren’t wasting money.   Next, you can go through your bills and automate as many as you can. Many banks have an option to automate your bills through their websites and mobile apps. Automating your bills protects you from getting late-fees brought on by forgetting to pay your bills manually. You might even be able to negotiate your bills down if you feel up to the task.   Finally, go over your household spending and savings habits and create a household budget to increase your savings. If you’re feeling a little more ambitious, contact a financial advisor to look into life insurance or annuity options to further protect your family’s finances.