Jumping the Sales Hurdle


You may experience multiple objections in a day when selling life insurance. And they all boil down to a simple thought in the consumer's mind: insurance companies are unfeeling entities. It's important to not make it all about the acheivments of the company. Make it about the consumer. Find out what motivated them to seek out insurance in the first place and focus on that angle. Be the expert and position yourself as their guide. Another hurdle you may face is that the fear message just isn't being listened to anymore. Asking someone, "How will your dependants live after you pass away," goes in one ear and out the other. Instead, focus on who you're speaking to. If it's someone with children, say, "It's what a good mother [or father] would do." Have a conversation with them about why they are seeking insurance. How does it make them feel to be considering life insurance? Use their answers as the angle for your sales pitch.